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Mugen Roster Update by StrawberryBleach Mugen Roster Update :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 2 0 ]jqVrmq (MUGEN) by StrawberryBleach ]jqVrmq (MUGEN) :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 0 0
The EPIC Vocaloid Fanfiction Adventure
My name is Loreley. I was all alone, wondering around on my own. My parents turned out to be nazi's and I am a Jew, so I was all alone on the streets. As I wondered down the forbidding streets, I found a leaflet on the floor. "Come to Toyko! It is the best. You will find loads of new friends and understanding people. Maybe you'll even be crowned King!"
Oh, I thought to myself, I'd love to be King! So I set out to Toyko!
I was very nervous. I had never gone to Toyko and I wondered how they would treat me there.
I arrived in Toyko and waited for a horse to bring me to my new warehouse. As I was waiting for a one to take me there, I saw I think a mysterious figure hididing in the shasows.
It was as if he was looking at me!
I of course ran towards him and said, "What do you wnat?"
"For you to die!" the mysterious figure said and took out a knife and with a flash i
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Dee bee kaw Vs Red Dragon by StrawberryBleach Dee bee kaw Vs Red Dragon :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 2 0 Just Shut up and dance by StrawberryBleach Just Shut up and dance :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 2 7 Dee bee kaw and Peoito Vs Miku and Haruhi by StrawberryBleach Dee bee kaw and Peoito Vs Miku and Haruhi :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 1 0 Dee Bee Kaw (Hand Drawn) by StrawberryBleach Dee Bee Kaw (Hand Drawn) :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 1 0 Flame test Stage by StrawberryBleach Flame test Stage :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 0 3 Dragged to hell (Dee Bee Kaw) by StrawberryBleach Dragged to hell (Dee Bee Kaw) :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 2 0 Heroes AND Villains Team vs Alien Invaders meme by StrawberryBleach Heroes AND Villains Team vs Alien Invaders meme :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 5 17
True Facts about Kiwis (Bird)
*Fact 1*
Kiwi are the only bird to have nostrils at the end of their very long bill. Their nostrils are used to probe in the ground, sniffing out invertebrates to eat, along with some fallen fruit.
*Fact 2*
There are about 68,000 kiwi left in all of New Zealand. they are declining 2% every year that's around 20 per week.
*Fact 3*
Kiwi are ratites. The closest relatives to kiwi today is the elephant bird from Madagascar. They are also related to emus and cassowaries of Australia, and the extinct moa of New Zealand.
*Fact 4*
There are five species of kiwi. All are classified as Threatened or At Risk.
*Fact 5*
Kiwis have many predators including but not limited to Dogs, Cats, Stoats, Large
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EPIC Heroes vs Villains Meme by StrawberryBleach EPIC Heroes vs Villains Meme :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 18 64 Cringy Teto Kasane Drawing by StrawberryBleach Cringy Teto Kasane Drawing :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 6 0 Cringy Hastsune Miku Drawing by StrawberryBleach Cringy Hastsune Miku Drawing :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 1 8 When you see Hatsune with someone you dont ship by StrawberryBleach When you see Hatsune with someone you dont ship :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 0 0 Bhd Shot by StrawberryBleach Bhd Shot :iconstrawberrybleach:StrawberryBleach 0 0


12 Angry Men by armymonkey1 12 Angry Men :iconarmymonkey1:armymonkey1 15 4 Game of survival by Roiuky Game of survival :iconroiuky:Roiuky 76 6 Love And Tolerance by Pony-Berserker Love And Tolerance :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 531 93 Fidget Teaser 1 by CoolioArt Fidget Teaser 1 :iconcoolioart:CoolioArt 183 46 Umbreon by Chiakiro Umbreon :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 657 37 BHD screaming and scare the Simpsons by Mroyer782 BHD screaming and scare the Simpsons :iconmroyer782:Mroyer782 5 1 animation loop - Lupe teases Pepito by Quetzalcoatl2k animation loop - Lupe teases Pepito :iconquetzalcoatl2k:Quetzalcoatl2k 6 0 Vahva by ShadeofShinon Vahva :iconshadeofshinon:ShadeofShinon 239 16 Oh hey bro, what are you doing? by feghost Oh hey bro, what are you doing? :iconfeghost:feghost 95 15 my version of kyouki by MAXicano my version of kyouki :iconmaxicano:MAXicano 1 5 Final alternativo by eliana55226838 Final alternativo :iconeliana55226838:eliana55226838 253 0 Bendy meets his other side by Kirby-Popstar Bendy meets his other side :iconkirby-popstar:Kirby-Popstar 221 17 Beavis and Butt-head (Vocaloid Version) by AppleLittleDoll Beavis and Butt-head (Vocaloid Version) :iconapplelittledoll:AppleLittleDoll 34 44 Beavis and Butt-head by spacecoyote Beavis and Butt-head :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 5,921 0 Sunlight by enzouke Sunlight :iconenzouke:enzouke 493 65 Ready to fly by Maria-Schreuders Ready to fly :iconmaria-schreuders:Maria-Schreuders 281 150



Mugen Roster Update
Hi, I Update my Roster a lot so I wanted to uploaded it. Yes I know its sloppy bt whatever im not in the mood to fix it maybe later.

chomp, stages/chomp.def
miku, stages/miku.def
tailsdoll1, stages/tailsdoll.def
KONEKO, stages/KONEKO.def
Charlotte, stages/Charlotte.def
ikamusume, stages/ikamusume.def
NC, stages/NC.def
vegeta, stages/vegeta.def
pika, stages/pika.def
DarthVader, stages/DarthVader.def
Rainbow Dash, stages/Rainbow Dash.def
squidward, stages/squidward.def
Umbreon, stages/Umbreon.def
HAKU=LEN, stages/HAKU=LEN.def
Sans8, stages/Sans8.def
Colonel, stages/Colonel.def
Sonic.EXE, stages/Sonic.EXE.def
Mami, stages/Mami.def
luka, stages/luka.def
mikisayaka, stages/mikisayaka.def
Michael_Jackson, stages/Michael_Jackson.def
final, stages/final.def
SMMM, stages/SMMM.def
Pinkie Pie, stages/Pinkie Pie.def
bomberman, stages/bomberman.def
Keroro, stages/Keroro.def
NATUMI, stages/NATUMI.def
ssjsongoku, stages/ssjsongoku.def
MvCPeter, stages/MvCPeter.def
Deadpool, stages/Deadpool.def
Luffy, stages/Luffy.def
Nightmare, stages/Nightmare.def
bowser, stages/bowser.def
rin_kagamine, stages/rin_kagamine.def
Kohaku, stages/Kohaku.def
haruhi, stages/haruhi.def
Jailbot, stages/Jailbot.def
jshomer2.2, stages/jshomer2.2.def
ella, stages/ella.def
MastrHnd, stages/MastrHnd.def
tn_giygas, stages/tn_giygas.def
Sailor Moon, stages/Sailor Moon.def
Donald, stages/Donald.def
Applejack, stages/Applejack.def
Sailor Jupiter, stages/Sailor Jupiter.def
Toriel, stages/Toriel.def
MVC_Shuma EX, stages/MVC_Shuma EX.def
Sailor Mercury, stages/Sailor Mercury.def
SuperMario, stages/SuperMario.def
deebeekaw, stages/deebeekaw.def
Magikarp, stages/Magikarp.def
peketo, stages/peketo.def
Papyrus, stages/Papyrus.def
ZORO-D (mugen 1.0), stages/ZORO-D (mugen 1.0).def
NOROKO, stages/NOROKO.def
Unknown, stages/Unknown.def
Kraken, stages/Kraken.def
SbobTheSnge, stages/SbobTheSnge.def
Paper Mario, stages/Paper Mario.def
LL_TojoNozomi, stages/LL_TojoNozomi.def
chibi, stages/chibi.def
dhd, stages/dhd.def
kfm720, stages/kfm720.def
Sailor Mars, stages/SMTEMPLE.def
clippy10, stages/clippy10.def
mrbear, stages/mrbear.def
hashi, stages/hashi.def
Rarity, stages/Rarity.def
Sailor Venus, stages/Sailor Venus.def
Fluttershy, stages/Fluttershy.def
wolverine, stages/wolverine.def
Bison, stages/Bison.def
DGBlossom, stages/DGBlossom.def
dgbuttercup, stages/dgbuttercup.def
DGBubbles, stages/DGBubbles.def
SuperLuigi, stages/SuperLuigi.def
Twilight Sparkle, stages/Twilight Sparkle.def
robbie rotten, stages/robbie rotten.def
ANIMUS, stages/ANIMUS.def
0D_Ox, stages/0D_Ox.def
+Hedorah+, stages/+Hedorah+.def
ananzi, stages/ananzi.def
Kaname Madoka, stages/Kaname Madoka.def
homura, stages/homura.def
W_Kyoko, stages/W_Kyoko.def
frieza, stages/frieza.def
DJHR_Road Runner, stages/DJHR_Road Runner.def
bartman, stages/bartman.def
imp, stages/imp.def
Cyberbots_Super-8, stages/Cyberbots_Super-8.def
giro, stages/giro.def
doodlebob, stages/doodlebob.def
LL_AyaseEli, stages/LL_AyaseEli.def
bender, stages/bender.def
CvS_LittleMac, stages/CvS_LittleMac
uranus, stages/uranus.def
CFJ_Link, stages/CFJ_Link.def
vertigo, stages/vertigo.def
PACMAN, stages/PACMAN.def
Sailor Pluto, stages/Sailor Pluto.def
Goddess Athena, stages/Goddess Athena.def
beavis, stages/beavis.def
butthead, stages/butthead.def
Krumm, stages/Krumm.def
SonicMH, stages/SonicMH.def
DGKirby, stages/DGKirby.def
SCP-173, stages/SCP-173.def
Sailor Neptune, stages/Sailor Neptune.def
Lucy Diclonius, stages/Lucy Diclonius.def
Mangle, stages/Mangle.def
Vicky, stages/Vicky.def
Saturn, stages/Saturn.def
Pepito, stages/Pepito.def
hikkoshi, stages/hikkoshi.def
jmax, stages/jmax.def
may_xx, stages/may_xx.def
chicken, stages/chicken.def
kyouki, stages/forest.def
mno, stages/mno.def
Big_Dogoo, stages/Big_Dogoo.def
aracdboi10, stages/aracdboi10.def
ShovelKnight, stages/ShovelKnight.def
madoldcrow1105, stages/madoldcrow1105.def
Sonans, stages/Sonans.def
zombie0, stages/zombie0.def
RaveEx, stages/RaveEx.def
psykyopath, stages/psykyopath.def
DragonClaw, stages/DragonClaw.def
White_Rock_Shooter, stages/White_Rock_Shooter.def
BRS, stages/BRS.def
Erza_FM, stages/Erza_FM.def
Porygon-Z, stages/Porygon-Z.def
Puppet_Master-IF, stages/Puppet_Master-IF.def
Juan, stages/Juan.def
zodd, stages/zodd.def
Alucard, stages/Alucard.def
black_heart, stages/black_heart.def
Namazu, stages/Namazu.def
gurospooo, stages/gurospooo.def
ryoko_asakura, stages/ryoko_asakura.def
kaito, stages/kaito.def
sunky, stages/sunky.def
otw2012_10, stages/otw2012_10.def
ju_miku, stages/ju_miku.def
h_Sekibanki, stages/h_Sekibanki.def
MRGW, stages/MRGW.def
0Popeye_100_Derrick_Rowell, stages/0Popeye_100_Derrick_Rowell.def
IWBTG, stages/IWBTG/def
reddragon, stages/reddragon.def
TailsMH, stages/TailsMH.def
Fygar, stages/Fygar.def
pupazz, stages/pupazz.def
sentro_10, stages/sentro_10.def
MH_Daniel, stages/MH_Daniel.def
dink_10, stages/dink_10.def
pingu, stages/pingu.def
nico_kfm, stages/nico_kfm.def
Ghidorah, stages/Ghidorah.def
Slenderman, stages/Slenderman.def
Candyman, stages/Candyman.def
Godzilla, stages/Godzilla.def
Bendy & Boris - copia, stages/Bendy & Boris - copia.def
anguirus, stages/anguirus.def
pikaman, stages/pikaman.def
banana, stages/banana.def
cursor, stages/cursor.def
Brook, stages/Brook.def
]jqVrmq, stages/]jqVrmq.def
Trump, stages/Trump.def
ami, stages/ami.def
yumi10, stages/yumi10.def
Patricio Beta 0.81, stages/Patricio Beta 0.81.def
RenMH, stages/RenMH.def
StimpyMH, stages/StimpyMH.def
QBert, stages/QBert.def
cvsyoko, stages/cvsyoko.def
yoshi3rev, stages/yoshi3rev.def
]jqVrmq (MUGEN)
Got ]jqVrmq to work but goddamn he is strong or at least in MUGEN he is. Not even my dream team (Kyouki and Dee Bee Kaw) Could stop him.



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flamingcreepsunlimit Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I think i finally made something for Green Meadow!
LadyManga2002 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 14, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for faving!

Also, I started my own Hunger Games simulation: Asriel is waaay too badass for his own game; he killed SCP-682 by BASHING ITS HEAD ON A FLIPPING ROCK. Yandere-chan of all people strangled Undyne of all people. SCP-049 holds Jane's (my random oc) hand and apparently doesn't kill her. Adeleine (from Kirby 64) and SCP-682 of all things are odd BFFs... All kinds of weird crap happens in my world, somehow...

(Oh, and Mikasa Ackermann stabs SCP-049 and Senpai yelps for assistance.)
StrawberryBleach Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
Sounds interesting, are you going to upload it?
StrawberryBleach Featured By Owner May 20, 2017
Your welcome
Hey, I made my own MUGEN stage.
If you want, I can try and send it to you.
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